Tree Pruning

When the trees on your property are looking overgrown, shabby, or in danger of falling, get in touch with Tanksley Tree Service. We provide a full array of tree services to keep your property safe and tidy, including tree trimming, pruning, and branch removal.

With more than 35 years of experience, our fully licensed and insured professionals have the skills and dedication necessary to take care of your trees. It’s important to schedule tree branch removal whenever you have a loose or damaged tree branch. If you’re not sure if a specific tree or branch needs attention, just get in touch with our friendly staff to schedule a free estimate. We’ll take a look and determine the best course of action to protect your home or property from damage.

There are many reasons to consider scheduling tree pruning in Nashville, TN. Take some time to review some of the most common reasons for tree trimming below, and feel free to contact our arborists for a free estimate and evaluation on any of our tree services

  • To Remove Branches That May Be Crowding Other Branches
  • To Remove Branches That May Be Rubbing Other Branches
  • To Remove Branches That Interfere With Wires, Buildings, Gutters, Roofs, Chimneys, Windows, Or Any Other Structure
  • To Remove Branches That Hang Over Streets Or Sidewalks
  • To Remove Branches That May Be Dead Or Dying
  • To Remove Branches That Are Weak And Possibly Hazardous
  • To Remove Limbs That Are Diseased Or Insect Infested
  • To Remove Limbs Damaged By Storms Or Weather
  • To Remove Limbs So That More Light Can Shine Through The Tree
  • To Remove Limbs So That The Tree Will Be More Solid, Therefore, It Will Possibly Hold Up In Storms Better

Contact us whenever you need tree pruning, trimming, or branch removal. We proudly serve clients throughout the Nashville, Tennessee, area.